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About Us

EOS ENERGY is a contemporary company that counts with a group of experts with more than 20 years of individual experience, in the Oil and Gas industry, which has wide global experience providing technical assistance by applying the best Field practices available.

EOS ENERGY is characterized in developing models based on the needs of the oil industry, focused on the design of optimized schemes, both for field’s exploration, and development particularly specialized in mature fields. EOS energy complements its core services with procurement solutions, to provide equipment and materials with the best suppliers in the industry.


To be a state-of-the-art company with high-level professionals in the oil industry, highly skilled in the management and development of data bases for integrated oil reservoir studies and engineering. In the same way, to offer and provide high quality and trusted suppliers, for our customer’s procurement needs, helping the to achieve their goal in the acquisition of equipment and materials for their Projects.


EOS Energy Vision is to be a world-leading company with high standards of excellence and quality, as a service provider for the oil industry, in the areas of data management & knowledge, development of data models, databases, integrated reservoir studies, procurement services for equipment and materials sourcing; including as well technical training for professional and technicians, with the assistance of our experts, through the use of cutting-edge techniques and equipment, which allows oil and gas professionals to achieve the technical goals, in the shortest time possible, with the best quality in each discipline; With these, EOS Energy supports our customers to have the best results to support project’s decision-making and final investment phase a possible way forward, bearing in mind the feasibility and profitability of the projects.

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No matter where they are, EOS Energy will go where our clients are to work in close alliance and thus offer better results. We will be happy to go where you are no matter where you are and give our support to make your projects come true..

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